6 Construction Software that Offers Robust Solutions to Modern Contractors

If there is a business with a lot of particular features, this is Construction. In this industry, you will need your office to move with you, keep an updated record of estimates and contracts in progress, work with plenty of vendors, providers, and clients, and in general, you will need to keep the puzzle united while paying a lot of attention to every single piece in it.

Today we have refined our research on ITQlick to bring you a variety of robust software aimed at Modern Contractors. It includes both specific solutions for certain departments of your company, and general purpose suites as well. This is our selection:

1. BuilderTREND – Cloud Based Management Suite

You can’t carry your office in the backseat of your truck, but you can definitely have all the management ready to use on your mobile phone or your laptop. BuilderTREND is a cloud-based solution that provides home builders with a well-organized, all-included suite to manage projects, vendors, estimates, and scheduling … It even is collaboration enabled, thought for several contractors taking part in the same project. Strong built and portable, that’s an A+ tool.

2. Co-Construct – Construction Project Management

It is mobile and web-based and is here to solve the main challenges of project management that contractors face on a daily basis or at least some of the most time-consuming. It puts the focus on design and materials election, as well as scheduling and communication. Co-Construct will update your team with the state of the project regularly and enhances a common space for communication between them. You do the work, and Co-Construct manages the project.

3. Deltek Vision – ERP Software for Contractors

The perfect solution for a contractor must include at least the marriage of Accounting and Project Management, and that’s exactly what Deltek does. With house builders in mind, it will keep you updated on every progress made in the construction project, while giving you a sharply detailed accounting of purchases and account received (and payable as well). All the reports you need will be displayed in customizable dashboards for you to have them ready at first sight. Deltek Vision is definitely thought for productivity!

4. UDA ConstructionSuite – Fits for Every Purpose

This is the industry’s favorite, and that’s for a reason. Strong integration capabilities include not only Microsoft suites, but even Auto CAD, a project management tool that also enables document sharing, updated accounting, and scheduling, or a comprehensive contact list system. All packed in this powerful software that will even give you the costs of materials and features for your estimates thanks to its built-in database.

5. Job Accounting Plus – Your Numbers Under Control

If you struggle with accounting, this software will put your figures in order. It assists you with invoicing, estimates, and cash management, and it even offers you an easy way to dispatch your payrolls. Not only pure numbers, it also keeps track of your activity with vendors and other contractors, a very helpful feature. With Job Accounting Plus there’s no excuse to know where you put every dollar.

6. Projectmates – One suite to Rule Them All

This is an excellent tool for contractors who need a complete management suite that enables integration with existing software. Projectmates will handle bidding, contracts, documents, and pretty much anything connected to your construction project. It pays attention not only to invoicing but to payments and project forecasting. This is very interesting because construction is a business in which the cash flow is completely irregular, and so you need a clear schedule for ins and outs of your counter.

There’s no excuse for you to refuse to update the software for your construction business. Whatever your needs are, from ERP to Accounting, you will find plenty to choose from in our Construction Software section. You will find all the resources and in-depth analysis you need to make up your mind.

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