Five9 Virtual Call Center Vs. Nextiva Business VoIP

Do you find it challenging to manage contacts?  Are you looking for a solution to seamlessly route contact information to the concerned staff and manage other types of contact information? You need an easy-to-use solution that would make tasks easier and save you time and money in managing customer service, telemarketing, and other support functions. Let’s compare two solutions touted to be the leading contact center tools.

Call center services are crucial to the reputation of a business, helping you engage with customers and clients and provide constant support without interrupting operations.

Five9 Virtual Call Center Vs. Nextiva Business VoIP

  1. Overview – Five9 Virtual Call Center Vs. Nextiva Business VoIP

Five9: An ideal cloud-based call center solution for small and medium businesses, Five9 offers inbound, and outbound calling functions, including telemarketing, telesales, and support centers. Though designed for small and medium businesses, the software attracts quite a few large enterprises, which means it is a scalable solution that caters to the needs of all clients, big or small.

Nextiva: An ideal contact center tool for small and large call centers, Nextiva caters to different industries and serves a range of businesses, including manufacturing, law firms, healthcare and service-oriented enterprises, media, real estate, and insurance firms.

  1. Features – Five9 Virtual Call Center Vs. Nextiva Business VoIP

Five9: Users can harness the power of Five9 to focus on strategies, not infrastructure. It uses advanced technology to support inbound, outbound, and blended operations. It comes integrated with different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

Easy to configure and use, Five9 can be deployed within two days. Boost your agent productivity with a contact center solution that allows them to focus on seamlessly handling inbound calls during peak periods. Additionally, the solution helps support staff automatically receive connected outbound calls in the event of a spike in inbound calls.

With no software or hardware involved in the deployment of Five9, it certainly saves you IT resources.  The scalable solution grows with you. For users already using on-premise technology, this contact center tool provides adequate supporting solutions to keep you going, such as power dialing, telephony, reporting, interactive voice response, and automatic call distributor features.

These features make it an ultimate solution for businesses, BPOs, and outsourcers that handle customer service, finance, and sales and marketing.

The product comes with an open API, making integration with third-party software easier.

Nextiva:  A comprehensive cloud-based solution designed with user-friendly advanced functionalities, Nextiva comes with an array of features that make life easier for call center staff.

Its automatic call distribution feature routes callers to the appropriate queue and most skilled agents, so they can get the timely and best response from the team in charge. This also ensures that callers never get a busy signal. Other features include IVR/auto attendant that effortlessly guides callers using voice prompts. What’s more, it is easier to monitor agent performance with the tool.

Hassle-free management of communication from anywhere is possible with the NextOS unified communications dashboard that gives you the right platform to monitor the pulse of your business in real-time.

Enhance work performance with the cloud-based business phone system, which is easy to integrate with different CRM apps, transforming the way you communicate.

3. Cost – Five9 Virtual Call Center Vs. Nextiva Business VoIP

Five9: With a clean interface, Five9 comes at $185 per user per month. Its contact center comes with multiple capabilities to improve agent productivity, including predictive dialers, interactive voice calling, and automated call routing.  Besides phone, the product supports multiple channels, which include social media, chat, and email.

Nextiva: If you are looking for a business phone service that goes wherever you go, look no further than Nextiva. Clear communication, seamless connectivity, and matchless mobility and service are a few features that you would get with the contact center system. It has a simple, clean, user-friendly interface.

The cost of installing Nextiva is significantly less than traditional phone systems, so you end up spending less on setup and monthly costs and get a service, which is more than a phone service. The Nextiva Onboarding Team makes setup a breeze.

When looking for a call center software tool, you want a solution that caters to the needs of your organization and customers alike while keeping a check on cost. While customers are always in hurry and want quick-fix solutions to queries, only a reliable contact center tool can come in handy.

At ITQlick, our team has the experience to help you find one solution that can make the task easier for you. We can make software recommendations, keeping in mind your specific business needs, and steer you in the right direction. Still, wondering whether to choose Five9 Virtual Call Center or Nextiva Business VoIP? Let the ITQlick team come to your rescue and be your guide.

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