What is PBX Phone System? 2022’s Top 5 Systems

2022’s Top 5 PBX Phone System – PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, a  private telephone network set up for the use of a company or organization.

It supports internal and external communication through multiple channels such as an analog line or ISDN and Voice Over IP (VoIP).

It also enables the use of more phones with just a single physical phone line. Additionally, it enables free calls within the PBX network and provides more features including call recording, call transfers, call queues, and call transfers.

There are many PBX phone systems available. If you are looking for the most suitable system to get, the following are arguably the top options.

2022’s Top 5 PBX Systems

Jive Voice

This is a cloud-based unified communication solution from Jive Communications. It features business VoIP, a contact center function, as well as video conferencing.  It can be used as a web-based solution (no installation needed) or by installing a desktop application (for Mac and Windows).

Additionally, Jive Voice comes with a PBX call routing system, call recording, Internet fax, automatic call distribution, and conference calling.

Jive Voice is created for businesses and organizations of different types and sizes. It can be useful to small businesses and large enterprises. It is suitable for hospitals, academic institutions, government offices, and various other organizations.

When it comes to pricing, Jive Voice is around average. The basic subscription starts at $19.95, which is comparable to the price of other similar PBX systems.


Designed to work with SIP standard-based IP phones and VoIP gateways, 3CX is a software-based PBX system that comes with client software for smartphones. It works with Android, iOS, Windows 10, and Mac.

This PBX system makes it possible to use the office phone extension from anywhere. It also comes with integrated WebRTC-based video conferencing,  a cloud-based management console, and the ability to integrate with popular CRM systems.

This PBX system is good for small, mid-sized, and large businesses.  It is mainly intended for businesses, not for nonprofit or government organizations.

The lowest price for 3CX is $188 for a year. It falls under the average pricing bracket.  The price varies according to the number of SIMs provided for the subscription.


Another cloud-based PBX system, Aircall is primarily intended for teams that provide customer support or perform marketing via telephone. It is notable for its ability to get phone numbers in 30 countries and configure these numbers in a matter of seconds.

It features a shared call inbox, interactive voice response, call recording, and call queues. It can also integrate with CRM systems and collaboration software tools.

Aircall is designed for small and mid-sized businesses. It can be used across industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, retail, finance, and professional services.

Aircall is a relatively inexpensive PBX system. It only costs $30 per user per month for the premium plan and $50 for the enterprise plan. These numbers may be higher than the prices quoted for the other PBX systems here but take note that these are already inclusive of all the features, not just a basic package.

Nextiva Office

This telephony service is designed to streamline a company’s communications and to provide an in-house VoIP phone system. It features scalable PBX trunks, hosted call center solutions, and online faxing. It also comes with advanced call routing, conference phones, and mobile integration. It is offered in Call Center Pro and Call Center Enterprise versions.

Nextiva can be used for any business regardless of size across industries. It can be used by those involved in marketing, the transportation industry, manufacturing, legal services, real estate, accounting, pharmaceuticals, insurance, healthcare, and information technology.

Nextiva’s price is on the lower bracket. It is relatively inexpensive with SIP metered plans and sips unmetered plans priced at $14.95 and $24.95 per month respectively. These are fixed rates for the two plans offered, not starting prices.

ReadyTalk Hosted Voice

ReadyTalk Hosted Voice Software is a cloud-based business phone service with a host of communication and collaboration tools. It comes with audio-video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, messaging, a virtual meeting room, and webinar streaming features. It also has a call/conference recording function. With ReadyTalk, users can initiate a video call with a phone in the conference room and continue the call on a mobile device.

This PBX phone system is intended for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Its users include companies in the energy, healthcare, professional services, hospitality, legal services, and nonprofit sectors.

ReadyTalk Hosted Voice is an inexpensive PBX system. Its starting price of $24.99 per month per user is comparable to what others are offering and it comes with unlimited web conferencing, unlimited VoIP, a free trial, and 24/7 live support.

All of these systems can be considered good options. However, when it comes to small and mid-sized business needs, Aircall appears to be the most suitable. For small to large businesses, the choice will be a tossup between Jive Voice, 3CX, and Nextiva.

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