Top 5 Project Management Software for SMBs

Project Management can be applied to a variety of industry sectors. Primarily project management software focuses on managing time and allocating resources in order to successfully meet defined business or strategic goals. In essence, this field has developed into a complex set of methodologies that seek to optimize delivery timeframes and quality, while ensuring better revenues and lowered costs.

The need for automation in this area is very apparent, as the ability to manage multiple projects seamlessly while also ensuring proper performance monitoring remains a key factor for organizations.

At ITQlick we realize that project management software for SMBs has to be flexible enough to manage multiple projects, but also be robust enough to handle a wide range of requirements and rules based on industry standards. Our comprehensive review of project management tools for SMBs takes into consideration factors such as scalability for growth and adaptability to change, technical and software investment requirements, type of available functionality, the ability to adopt industry standards, and pricing requirements. After reviewing several available tools, the following, are our recommendations for the best fitting solutions.

1. Mavenlink

Mavenlink is a comprehensive project management tool offered as a cloud-based solution that is also accessible by mobile devices. It provides options for integration with third-party software through its open API toolkit and seamlessly integrates with Google Apps to enhance productivity tools. Mavenlink management of multiple projects with financials, budgeting, and planning allows g included.

Additional modules support resource management, project templates and billing rates, and customizable project plans. For SMBs it offers a scalable solution that has the added benefit of a collaborative platform where project information can be shared to improve issue resolution, as well as improve knowledge sharing to structure better project management practices.

2. Vorex Project Management Suite

Vorex Project Management Suite is a scalable cloud-based solution that can grow to meet the business requirements of the organization. It is mobile device access ready, to allow real-time review and update of project information. Additional functionality includes project billing and budgeting, planning, and forecasting. It also contains options for reviewing resource skills, so that these can be allocated to tasks and projects that are best suited for their abilities.

Vorex provides strong reporting options which offer both dashboards and KPIs for performance and operational monitoring, and collaboration tools to ensure knowledge transfer. With a free product trial available, Vorex provides SMBs the option to sample its full suite of tools before making a decision regarding functional requirements that is best suitable for their needs.

3. Clarizen

Clarizen is a highly rated project management software. It offers SMBs the option to adapt it to their specific functional requirements and provides tools for traditional project managers, development teams, IT groups, professional services, and marketing teams. Clarizen includes most of the main project management modules such as project planning and budgeting, task and resource management, risk management, and time and expenses management.

One of this solution’s strong points is its powerful social collaboration feature that allows combining conversations, tasks, and projects all in one place, thus streamlining project execution.  Clarizen provides APIs for integration with third-party software and customization features that allow for further tailoring this solution to company needs.  

Clarizen is a flexible cloud-based application that also supports a variety of mobile devices and tablets. This well-known solution offers SMBs flexible implementation options that can be adjusted to a variety of requirements, and the scalability to grow to any business size.

4. Project Drive

ProjectDrive is a cloud-based or hosted project management software that offers a solution that is compatible with the requirements of a variety of industry sectors. It also offers SMBs a scalable solution to adapt to business growth, and provides options to easily customize the product to meet varying business requirements.

Its standard features include project planning and allocations, resource management and scheduling, project billing and revenue management, and time and expense management. ProjectDrive is a cost-effective product for SMBs that require an industry-based solution that also supports a full project suite for managing their implementations.

5. ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow is a cloud-based solution that offers a free product trial and is scalable for any size of business. Its features include project and task management, time and expense management, workflows, project billing, and resource management. ProWorkflow is mobile device access ready and offers a collaborative platform for sharing information and the status of multiple projects. It includes an API for third-party software integration, as well as an App store with a variety of additional functions that further enhance this project management solution.

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