8 Best Document Management Software in 2018


And the award goes to

these 8 Document Management Software! It doesn’t matter how big your company is, organization is always the base of success. For this purpose, the power of Document Management Software resides in how it facilitates a centralized place for all the different areas involved in a project to put all working progress in common. Members of a collaborative project will add their progress based on other colleague’s work, and to do so file integrity and versioning is a major issue. These software solutions make the entire process simple, accessible and reliable.


How can a cloud-based software help us achieve those goals? By keeping all the documents and files available in real-time in a central location, secured (at different levels, depending on the software used) and well organized so that they are easy to find, edit and/or share. And of course together with a smart integration with the productivity software most companies use, such as Microsoft Office, Google Apps or email clients.These are the tools that make this software essential in order to keep integrity in multi-department projects in which many people work together simultaneously.

The year has come to an end, and it’s time for us at ITQlick to look back and decide what was the best Document Management Software in 2018. There are many reasons and features that could make each software in our top list rank in their given position, but we have highlighted for you the strongest point each one has to offer.

After all the research we have undertaken, this is our Top 8 Doc Management Software for this year 2018:

1. PaperPort Professional 14paperport

Multipurpose, well integrated with existing software such as windows folders (but not with external email clients) and ready to fulfill the needs of any business size. Its performance is excellent, and includes a unique feature: routing documents from digital copiers.

2. eFileCabinet

Encrypted documents and HIPPA compliant for stronger security, together with a very customizable environment, make of eFileCabinet a very powerful tool to maintain data integrity.

3. Sohodox

If you need an easy-to-backup, cloud-based, central repository of documents then Sohodox is what you need. Power in simplicity, seasoned with a drag and drop interface and a rich integration that includes Dropbox.

4. Filenetfilenet

Puts the spell on the computer engineering field and management in accordance, all thanks to a a key feature: it is social collaboration enabled and mobile computing ready.

5. eDoc Organizer

eDoc Organizer efficiently brings together all the features you can expect, but giving priority to collaboration and file versioning. Documents are the main character for this software, allowing meta tags and labelling for a better and faster search.

6. Zoho Docs

It really empowers Document Management with real-time edition and interaction between users, with a very easy to use and quick interface that allows members to add even multimedia files to the repository.

7. DocSavy


Despite being conceived for small and medium-sized businesses, it is brought to you fully packed with main features and collaborative solutions. It is customization ready, allowing custom file types, and also enables labeling to improve file localization.

8. Teamwox

Last but not least, Teamwox is ideal for international projects thanks to its multilingual interface. It will easily fulfill the demands of companies with horizontal projects where each employee has a voice that must be taken into consideration.

[alert style=”blue”]We really hope this ranking is useful for you to start your quest to implement the use of a Document Management Software in your company. We invite you to visit our Doc Management Software section for detailed reviews for each solution, together with in-depth analysis by our team.