Top 5 Retail POS Software for SMBs

Point of Sale (POS) software is designed for the retail purchase process by supporting manual or automated input of product details, determining the correct price, and offering customers several payment options. POS systems facilitate companies to track sold products and generated sales for optimizing inventory levels and allow flexible payment methods for their customers such as itemized billing, cash payments, and credit and debit cards. The importance of a POS solution is emphasized in businesses with diverse product offerings and customer types.

We at ITQlick realize that choosing a POS system for SMB retailers is important for ensuring correct product issuance, pricing, and payment realization, especially in the case of large volumes of retail products that require effective management. Therefore, in our review of POS solutions, we have considered factors such as price competitiveness, technology requirements and implementation, functionality, payment processing options, ease of use, scalability, and adaptability to changing requirements of the retail industry. Based on this review we can recommend the following key solutions.

1. S2K Retail

S2K Retail is one of the modules included in the enterprise solution portfolio offered by the parent company VAI. It has partnered with IBM for the POS terminals and its features include real-time invoicing and product scanning, special order and pricing, customer loyalty plans, credit card processing, and flexible reporting options for monitoring sales and revenue.

S2K also supports tracking customer information, product marketing, customer discounts, an online portal for loyalty program review, eCommerce, and online shopping. This solution is beneficiary to SMBs since it offers scalability and customization options that adapt to expanding operations.

2. RetailAnywhere

RetailAnywhere is a POS application that includes certified integration with the NetSuite portfolio of enterprise applications, which supports SMB growth in meeting various expansion plans. Its features include full retail POS functions, eCommerce, and online shopping. Additionally, NetSuite supports retail transaction management, customer loyalty programs, special pricing, gift cards, payment processing, sales, KPI reporting, and cashier management.

An integrated CRM module allows management and tracks customer information. NetSuite is a flexible option for SMBs since it is scalable and can be integrated with other third-party applications, and offers mobile POS support for a number of certified mobile devices.

3. Ace Retail POS

Ace Retail POS is designed for SMBs and supports point of sale functions, inventory management and payment processing, customer management, and sales reporting. It provides a mobile POS option which is also accessible via a smartphone app, and eCommerce integration. Its integration options include three SMB accounting packages – Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, and Peachtree.

Ace Retail POS can be easily customized for adjusting to customer business requirements and is available in two packages which include only the software or both hardware and software, thus offering a cost-effective solution for SMBs with existing POS hardware infrastructure.

4. Arel Retail POS

Arel Retail POS is a scalable solution that can be utilized by SMBs which can then expand to large retail requirements covering multiple stores. It supports certified mobile device access for POS systems on the go, includes standard POS functionality, and provides product planning software that supports pricing and inventory allocation based on real-time reporting from the POS system.

Another outstanding point is that Arel Retail POS continues to operate in a multi-store environment even when network connections are down, thus ensuring that updates can be uploaded later once connectivity is restored, an important benefit for SMBs who are interested in minimal disruption to their retail operations.

5. Auto-Star Retail POS

Auto-Star Retails POS is a scalable solution designed for SMB requirements that offers specialized solutions for groceries, pharmacies, and health and natural products. Auto-Star functionality includes point of sale functions, cash management, payment processing, product management, inventory control, and flexible reporting options that include dashboards.

There are additional modules for customer loyalty and gift cards, purchasing and receiving, kiosk payment processing, and accounts receivables. Additional benefits for SMBs in terms of product versatility are a certified integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP and two feature-based editions according to the company’s business requirements.

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