2017 Cheapest VOIP Solutions


VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) phone services are widely preferred for their functionality, ease of use, and versatility. These services transmit calls over the Internet, allowing you to access phone network and connect with business associates, staff members, or investors from anywhere around the globe.

A cost-effective alternative to standard phone line services, VoIP services provide additional features that you won’t find in traditional systems. You can use a low cost VoIP service connected to your broadband Internet connection to enjoy a reliable phone service. Here are a few options as far as cheap VoIP solutions are concerned.

  1. ShoreTel

One of the cheapest VoIP solutions on the market, ShoreTel offers onsite, cloud-based, and hybrid business telephony and unified communications solutions, so users can stay connected with each other from anywhere. The solution comes complete with inbound calling capabilities, which facilitate voicemail, call queuing, and private branch exchange and ensure calling efficiency.

It can easily integrate with existing applications for applicant tracking, customer relationship management, and enterprise resource planning. Its analytical capabilities include real-time reporting and call monitoring & recording.

Cons: Sometimes network problems could compromise with call quality.

  1. Vonage

One of the most cost-effective VoIP solutions on the market, Vonage comes complete with an adapter box, which can connect seamlessly to your phone and broadband connection. Starting from $15/month/user, it is a full-suite of VoIP networking solutions with varied capabilities, including cell phone integration, call management, and administration.

It is designed with SimulRing and Call Hunt features that enable use across multiple devices. With a promise of clear call quality and simple setup, the company provides top-notch call quality, besides offering other perks, including call forwarding, selective number blocking, etc., thus simplifying communication tools.

Cons: With Vongae, you have to pay extra for desktop phone application usage. It also lacks some capabilities that some other solutions offer.

  1. RingCentral

The cloud-based business phone service starts at $20 per month per user. Some of the key features of this service include reliable phone and fax service, advanced call management, mobile apps for Android, conferencing, and pre-configured IP phones that are ready for use. The VoIP solution is one of the leading applications to optimize communications with capabilities ranging from call handling to enterprise-class voice, fax, BYOD, and mobile apps.

It is designed to integrate with with Google, Oracle, Salesforce®, Dropbox, Zendesk, and Microsoft, among others. Easy to manage anywhere anytime, RingCentral doesn’t require costly updates or complicated technical specialists.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, fully featured, and easy-to-install VoIP solution, RingCentral does fit in well within the criteria.

Cons: There is no mobile app for Windows users.

  1. Grasshopper

If you are looking for a basic VoIP system, look no further than Grasshopper to enhance engagement, interaction, and collaboration among clients, customers, and staff. With plans starting from $12 per month/user, the virtual phone and call management system is easy to set up, secure, and facilitates communication, faxes, and voicemail from anywhere.

Some of the leading features include unlimited call handling, unlimited extensions, conference calling, call screening, call forwarding, call routing, name directory, and voice studio. Use your existing phone and maintain your existing number and enjoy the benefits of this VoIP service, without requiring any new hardware setup. The service also provides fax on demand, so you can stay organized and look professional.

Cons: Some features offered by competitors are missing, which include automated dashboard attendant, auto-receptionist, online dashboard, and Conference Bridge.

  1. Nextiva

Looking for a reliable and cheap VoIP solution? With 99.999 percent uptime, Nextiva is a feature-rich cloud communication system that can handle customer calls promptly. With the basic plans starting from $8.95/month/user, Nextiva is the perfect UC platform for small and medium businesses and works with almost every unlocked SIP phone.

Easy to set up and connect with remote workers, the cloud-based business phone system comes with unique integration capabilities, connecting you with existing business solutions and third-party applications. It allows you to manage a remote workforce on the cloud and lets you serve customers better with its unique capabilities.

With Nextiva’s business VoIP services, you are able to save money on hosted business phone service. The solution is designed for all industry verticals, from construction to real estate, healthcare, legal practices, consulting, hospitality, insurance, higher education, and auto industry.

Cons: Nextiva’s 15-way call conference is not available for free. It is a paid-for extra feature.

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