Prophix Budgeting Software Review

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Last updated: Jan 08, 2019

Prophix Budgeting Software Review

16 reviews

Medium business, Large business

Prophix is a cloud-based and on-premise financial management solution designed to help the user in budgeting, financial consolidation, planning, analysis and management reporting.

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What is Prophix Budgeting Software? Updated: Jan 08, 2019

Prophix is a cloud-based and on-premise financial management solution designed to help the user in budgeting, financial consolidation, planning, analysis and management reporting. The solution helps the user analyze financial data as well as organize information.

The user can manage information such as cash flow, budgeting, balance sheets and income statements. The solution offers data analysis solution. It also supports financial and non-financial budgeting including up, down, top, bottom, activity-based and zero-based methodologies. The solution provides modules for saving staff records including medical expenses, salary and tax calculations.

It also has multiple modelling options for forecasting which include inter-period forecasts rolling forecasts and “what if” analysis.

Prophix Budgeting Software Average Rating -

The average rating of Prophix Budgeting Software is 3.1 stars. The rating is based on 16 aggregated online reviews.

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Prophix Budgeting Software Features

Prophix Budgeting Software Alternatives

The two main competitors of Prophix include Budget Maestro and OutScale. Budget Maestro is a cloud-based budgeting, cloud management, and business performance management solution the same way as Prophix. Prophix is a product of Prophix Software which was founded in 1987 and based in Canada whereas Budget Maestro is a product of Centage which was established in 2001 in the US.

Both Prophix and Budget Maestro offer a free trial. Prophix caters to businesses of all sizes, and in every industry and on the other hand Budget Maestro caters to SME businesses that range from $10 million to $500 million in revenue. Outscale is a cloud-based cloud-management solution just like Prophix budgeting software.

Prophix is a product of Prophix Software which was founded in 1987 and based in Canada, and by contrast, Outscale is a product of Outscale which was founded in 2010 in France. Prophix offers a free trial, but Outscale doesn’t. Prophix caters to businesses of all sizes and in every industry, but Outscale provides to small to large companies.

Both Prophix and Outscale offer support online, during the business hours and 24/7 live rep.

Prophix Budgeting Software Pricing Information

Prophix Budgeting Software's pricing is available upon request.

Prophix Budgeting Software demo

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Is Prophix Budgeting Software the right software for me?

Prophix budgeting is ideal for businesses of all sizes including large enterprises, mid-size business, and small business. It caters to a range of industries such as construction, financial services, government and utilities. Middle-East and Africa, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Germany, Latin America, United Kingdom, United States.

Prophix Budgeting Software Categories

Budgeting & Forecasting
Medical Accounting


Address: Grove House Business Centre, Lutyens Close, Lychpit, Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Website:Prophix Budgeting Software
Customers: Medium business, Large business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas, Finance management, Human resources, Information technology, Production, Project Management, Service management, Supply Chain & Distribution, Sustainability
Platforms: Desktop, Mobile, Cloud
Operating Systems: Mac OS, Windows, Linux

Prophix Budgeting Software Features

Data Import/Export
Basic Reports
Online Customer Support

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