Easy Storage Solutions Review - why 4.8 stars?

Easy Storage Solutions Review
ITQlick Score: 87/100
ITQlick Rating: (4.8/5)
Pricing: 3/10 - low cost
Category: Property Management - Self Storage -> Easy Storage Solutions
Ranking:Ranked 3 out of 6 Property Management - Self Storage systems
Company: Easy Storage Solutions LLC
Pricing: starts at $29 per month
Typical customers: SMBs
Platforms: Desktop, Cloud
Links: Easy Storage Solutions pricing, Easy Storage Solutions alternatives

Shlomi LaviShlomi Lavi / updated: Apr 01, 2022

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What is Easy Storage Solutions?

Easy Storage Solutions is a cloud-based property management system designed for small and midsize self-storage companies. The core features include call management, tenant protection and self-storage consulting and more. The solution supports online bookings, credit card processing, and other online payments and booking.

The solution can send tenants’ payment reminders via text message or email, generate invoices, manage collections, calculate late fees, and perform other processes for self-storage businesses. The solution allows facilities to send text messages and email to tenants with invoice and bill reminders.

The solution has automatic data backup capabilities. It also generates statistical reports to retain customer contact details, handle online customer rentals and integrate with Google maps. The user can conduct online bookings, and it has automated recurring payments. The customer portal lets the storage customer login directly and makes payments, check their accounts as well as additional book units.

What is Easy Storage Solutions rating?

The rating of Easy Storage Solutions is 4.8 stars out of 5 and the total score is 87 out of 100. The ratings are based on our unbiased experts. Learn more in our rating methodology page

Who uses Easy Storage Solutions?

Easy Storage Solutions is designed only for the storage unit industry and specifically for self storage facilities. The solution is offered for small and medium sized facilities and is provided as an online web based system.

The product helps storage facility owners create and customize a website to advertise and manage their storage facilities. It is integrated with the storage software that allows the facility owner to manage clients, handle financial transactions & payment reminders, administer facility information and generate a variety of reports for status review. For storage customers the website portal enables them to locate units, make reservations and online payments, as well as manage their lease details and billing information.

Customers for Easy Storage Solutions include B&S Storage, Perimeter Self Storage, Sentry Self Storage, XTRA Space Storage and Oakland Mini Storages.

Is Easy Storage Solutions the best Property Management - Self Storage system?

Easy Storage Solutions is ranked 3 out of 6 software in their category (Property Management - Self Storage systems).

What are their main features and functionalities?

Easy Storage Solutions software provides a website that details the storage facilities on offer by the owner and supports multiple locations as well. It is designed to provide all relevant information and terms to potential customers as well as site facility location maps which are integrated with Google Maps.

The website provides a portal which is integrated with a payment gateway to accept online payments for unit reservations. Customers are also able to view their units and book additional ones if required, renew or cancel their leases, access tenant insurance options, make online payments and use the email manager to interact with facility owners for any issues.

The storage software can track customer information, recurring payments & deposits, generate invoices & track collections, calculate late fees if necessary and send customers payment reminders via email or text message. Additionally there is a move-in and move-out wizard to automate the process of occupation and vacation of the unit so that all necessary steps are taken to ensure a successful customer experience.

Easy Storage Solutions also has automated data backup capabilities with secure servers to ensure the reliability of all information stored. There are also options for reporting to analyse such things as unit utilization, payables & receivables and revenue & expenses. Finally the application can be accessed via mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

What are Easy Storage Solutions's pros? (5 Pros)

  • Easy Storage Solutions combines both a website and software for a comprehensive storage management solution
  • It provides integration with Google Maps for facility location information
  • Easy Storage Solutions is an entirely web based solution which is cost effective for small storage owners and lets them avoid technology management issues
  • Mobile device access of the application via smart phone is supported by Easy Storage Solutions
  • The solution supports secure online payments

What are Easy Storage Solutions's cons? (5 cons)

  • Easy Storage Solutions does not offer a free trial of its product
  • The product does not support any user driven product customization
  • Easy Storage Solutions does not provide any social collaboration features
  • It is a standalone product with no integration capabilities to third party software
  • Large storage companies are not supported by Easy Storage Solutions

Who are their main alternatives?

The two main competitors of Easy Self Storage Solutions include Rentec Direct and MultiSite Systems. Rentec Direct is a cloud-based property management solution just as Easy Self Storage Solutions. Rentec Direct is a product of Rentec Direct which was founded in 2008 and based in the United States and on the other hand Easy Self storage Solution which is a product of Easy Storage Solutions which began in 2009 and based in the United States.

Both Easy Self Storage and Rentec Direct offer support online and during business hours. Rentec Direct offers training via documentation, webinars, and live-online whereas Easy Self Storage solution training offers training via documentation, webinars, live online and in-person.

Just like Easy Self Storage Solutions, MultiSite Systems is a cloud-based property management solution. MultiSite Systems is a product MultiSite Systems which was founded in 1995 and based in the United States and in comparison Easy Self storage Solution which is a product of Easy Storage Solutions which began in 2009 and based in the United States.

Easy Self Storage offers support online and during the business hours, but MultiSite Systems offers support online and via a 24/7 live rep. Both MultiSite Systems and Easy Self Storage offer training via documentation, webinars, live online and in-person.

What is the cost of Easy Storage Solutions?

The cost of license starts at $29 per month. On top of the total cost of licenses which is easy to calculate - what is the REAL total cost of implementation? You need to add the cost of training, customization, data migration, and other "hidden cost". ITQlick pricing score is 3 out of 10 (10 is most expensive). You can find here the REAL total cost breakdown for Easy Storage Solutions. You can also find here pricing information from Easy Storage Solutions's website.

What should you ask Easy Storage Solutions LLC during a demo session? (65 questions)

Schedule a demo with Easy Storage Solutions and access 65 must ask questions for the vendor while watching Easy Storage Solutions in action.

Where Easy Storage Solutions is used?

Easy Self Storage Solutions is ideal for small and mid-size businesses. It caters to the real estate and property industries. It serves different markets including Middle-East, Africa, Canada, Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

List of categories

Facilities Management
Property Management
Property Management - Self Storage

List of features

Automatic Property Mapping
Easy Data Migration
Events Calendar
Excel Export
File Storage
Maintenance Overview

Easy Storage Solutions Vs. Alternatives

ITQlick rating
License pricing
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$29 per month
ITQlick rating
License pricing
Pricing not available
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$599 per license
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$50 per feature/month
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$0.50 per month

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