StarGarden HR Suite Review

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Last updated: Dec 23, 2018

StarGarden HR Suite Review

3 reviews

Medium business, Large business

StarGarden HR Suite is a human resource management software that can help users to manage all the human resource business data and processes easily. The software offers a full human resource management suite wi


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What is StarGarden HR Suite? Updated: Dec 23, 2018

StarGarden HR Suite is a human resource management software that can help users to manage all the human resource business data and processes easily. The software offers a full human resource management suite with time and attendance, payroll management and HCM applications for users. The software also supports managing multiple contracts and is highly flexible.

The developers of StarGarden have been providing human capital management solutions since 1984. The company has served clients in the United States, New Zealand and Canada to maximize the value of Payroll and Human Resource departments. Companies looking for a workflow management solution can use this software.

StarGarden HR Suite Average Rating -

The average rating of StarGarden HR Suite is 4 stars. The rating is based on 3 aggregated online reviews.

StarGarden HR Suite Typical Customers

StarGarden HR Suite is perfect for mid-size and large companies with employee size of 250 to 20,000 employees. Education, health, local government and unionized industries can use this software. Selkirk College and Prince William County are some of the clients of StarGarden HR Suite.

StarGarden HR Suite Features

StarGarden HR Suite comes with employee demographics, time and attendance management, what-if scenarios, budgeting, powerful user reporting, flexible delivery options, benefits management and payroll management features. The employee demographics part can help users to get detailed information of every employee working within the organization, access by government name, number and employee number, strong search capabilities, unlimited groupings/classifications and statuses and online selection/query by field inside employee screen. The organization management part offers position reporting hierarchies, unlimited user defined job titles and positions, position skill requirements and multi-full time equivalent and partial FTE positions.

The balances and accruals part offers unlimited user defined balances, maximums on balances or accrual, predefined alternative banks for maximum, online review of summarized total of balances and debit/credits. Other notable features are network security management, identity management, managed portal, development tool, strong security and is completely browser based.

StarGarden HR Suite 5 Pros

  • StarGarden HR Suite offers human resource management solution for midsize and large companies
  • StarGarden HR Suite is completely browser-based and can be deployed in LAN, intranet and internet
  • The customer support of StarGarden HR Suite offers telephone and on-site support
  • The human resource management software offers on-site training courses, personal coaching and internet-based webinars
  • The human resource management solution offers implementation on fixed price or time and materials basis

StarGarden HR Suite 2 Cons

  • StarGarden HR Suite doesn’t offer any mobile dedicated app for iOS and Android users
  • StarGarden HR Suite doesn’t offer much onboarding features like other similar HR tools

StarGarden HR Suite Alternatives

BambooHR and Zenefits are the competitors of StarGarden HR Suite. BambooHR is a human resource management and applicant tracking solution with training and benefit tracking, online leave and time off tracking, document storage, ad-hoc reporting and employee self-service features. However, the software doesn’t offer onboarding and employee portal features.

Zenefits is another popular human resource management software with payroll management, benefits and insurance management, taxes management and automated deductions features. However, the software doesn’t offer much retiree administration and retirement plan management features.

StarGarden HR Suite Pricing Information

StarGarden HR Suite’s pricing plans are only available by request. They recommend an assessment to be done before making any final decision to purchase StarGarden.

StarGarden HR Suite demo

25 questions to ask the vendor on StarGarden HR Suite demo

StarGarden HR Suite Categories

Human Resources
Self-Service Portal
Tax Preparation
Personal tax
Financial reporting
Check Printing
Business tax
Benefits Administration
Small Business Payroll


Address: South Dallas, Dallas, TX
Website:StarGarden HR Suite
Customers: Medium business, Large business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop, Mobile, Cloud
Operating Systems: Mac OS, Windows, Linux

StarGarden HR Suite Features

Appraisal Performance
Benefits Administration
Software Customization
Employee Self-Service
HR Management
Performance Record

StarGarden HR Suite Demo:

StarGarden HR Suite Video:

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StarGarden HR Suite 8 Alternatives