ZenPayroll Review - why 3.4 stars?

ZenPayroll Review
ITQlick Score: 92/100
ITQlick Rating: (3.4/5)
Pricing: 4.4/10 - average cost
Category: Small Business Payroll -> ZenPayroll
Ranking:Ranked 2 out of 28 Small Business Payroll systems
Company: ZenPayroll, Inc.
Pricing: starts at $39 per month
Typical customers: SMBs
Platforms: Desktop
Links: ZenPayroll pricing, ZenPayroll alternatives

Shlomi LaviShlomi Lavi / updated: Mar 12, 2022

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What is ZenPayroll and its features?

Gusto is a cloud-based payroll management system for small and large-sized organizations. Earlier known as ZenPayroll, Gusto offers vast features for payroll and tax management. The features include paperless paychecks, multiple pay rates, flexible payment schedules, automated taxes, child-support garnishments, employee management, Gusto debit card, contractor payments, hourly/salaried employee support, reimbursements, Federal R&D tax credit, expense integrations, calendar sync, and digital signatures.

Moreover, offer mobile support, including tablets and iPad, for improved customer experience. In addition, Gusto integrates with accounting tools such as Xero, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks. The insights and reporting feature further give users a detailed understanding of payroll and tax management. Along with payroll management, Gusto also offers core HR management features to help organizations with complete payroll and employee management.

Gusto was owned by ZenPayroll Inc. in 2011. The headquarter is located in San Francisco, California, United States. The overall employee base of Gusti is around 5000+, making it a medium-sized organization.

Gusto has been awarded the people choice award for its usability, customizability, and ease of use on mobile and web-view. With rebranded from ZenPayroll to Gusto, there have been continuously improving to meet the customer requirements.

What is ZenPayroll rating?

The rating of ZenPayroll is 3.4 stars out of 5 and the total score is 92 out of 100. The rating score is based on our unbiased data-based algo. Learn more - rating methodology page.

Who uses ZenPayroll?

Customers of the software include small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises. It can be used in such major industries and domains as retail and wholesale, automation and manufacturing, financial services, healthcare and hospitality, and others. Some notable clients of the software include Farmgirl Flowers, Seattle Farm Tables, Cedar Cycling, and others.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, ZenPayroll makes it fairly easy to use. This product is user friendly and intuitive.

Is ZenPayroll cloud-based?

No, the software in not cloud based so you would need to install it locally and connect it directly to a server.

Can it be used on mobile?

No, currently ZenPayroll can't be accessed on mobile, you would need to access it from your computer.

Is ZenPayroll the best Small Business Payroll system?

ZenPayroll is ranked 2 out of 28 software in their category (Small Business Payroll systems).

What are their main features and functionalities?

The software comes with the ability of automatically reporting new hires and thus eliminates the need of paper processing. It also offers other employee management capabilities of paystub emailing for employees, management of separate employee accounts, employee self-onboarding, and management of charitable donations.

ZenPayroll facilitates automatic tax filing in addition to automatic tax calculations and payments. It allows running of payroll for as many times as required, at no extra cost. Other important capabilities of the software include flexible payment schedules, payroll cancellation, paychecks printing, payroll reports printing, direct deposit, and others.

What are ZenPayroll's pros? (3 Pros)

  • Tax documents make it easier to file taxes
  • Accessible layout for both employees and managers
  • Reporting and insights to help users have the right dependencies for each process

What are ZenPayroll's cons? (1 cons)

  • It is specific to US users and employees. If you have employees outside the state, taxation can become tedious for the employees

Who are their main alternatives?

To make the right decision for your business, it is essential to compare and analyze various features offered by other payroll software. The three tough competitors of Gusto are QuickBooks Payroll, ADP, and Patriot Payroll.
  • Functionality: ADP is a cloud-based payroll and HRM solution for all businesses. The features offered by ADP include talent management, time & attendance tracking, payroll administration, recruitment & hiring, benefits management, HR outsourcing, ADP marketplace, workforce management, growth tracking, and recruitment process outsourcing. In addition, both Gusto and ADP offer a free trial to their users to help them understand the tool before making their final decision.

    Patriot Payroll is a cloud-based payroll software to help businesses manage their payroll and accounts. The features offered are employee portal, payroll management, overtime and leave management, taxation and accounting, time-off accruals, multiple pay rates, tracking and reporting, hour & money customization, multi-location support, time & attendance management, recurring payments, and integrations.

    It also offers a free trial to help users become familiar with the software before the final purchase. QuickBooks payroll is a cloud-based payroll and accounting tool for all business types and sizes.

    QuickBooks offers features such as payroll & accounts, invoicing, customization, bank integration, inventory management, multi-currency support, and employee management. Although QuickBooks has an accounting and bookkeeping module, you can also integrate Gusto with the QuickBooks accounting module.
  • Pricing: The cost of Patriot payroll is around $10 per feature per month, along with $4 per employee per month. However, the advanced package is about $30 per feature per month, along with $4 per employee per month. The cost of ADP starts at $59 per month along with $4 per employee per month. However, the price of QuickBooks Payroll is approximately $45 per month plus $4 per employee per month. Whereas the Premium package is around $75 per month plus $8 per employee per month. However, the Elite is about $125 per month plus $10 per employee per month.
  • Support: Gusto and its alternatives offer complete support to its users through online customer support, documentation, blogs, webinars, podcasts, business guides, and FAQs. Also, they offer a free trial so that users can experience the tool before their final decision.

What is the cost of ZenPayroll?

The Gusto pricing model is based on a combination of base pricing and user-based pricing. There are 4 pricing packages, where the Select package requires users to contact Gusto support for detailed discussion. The Core package costs around $39 per month with $6 per employee per month.

However, the Complete package is priced at $39 per month with $12 per employee per month. Whereas the Concierge package costs around $149 per month with $12 per employee per month. Each plan has various features available where the most advanced package offers all features. As a result, the overall pricing of Gusto is lesser than the other payroll solutions available in the market.

What is the REAL total cost of implementation? on top of the total cost of licenses which is easy to calculate you need to add the cost of training, customization, data migration, and other "hidden cost". ITQlick pricing score is 4.4 out of 10 (10 is most expensive). You can fine here the REAL total cost breakdown for ZenPayroll. You can also find here pricing information from ZenPayroll's website.

What should you ask ZenPayroll, Inc. during a demo session? (65 questions)

Schedule a demo with ZenPayroll and access 65 must ask questions for the vendor while watching ZenPayroll in action. Visit the vendor's website here.

Where ZenPayroll is used?

Gusto is a one-stop solution for organizations searching for payroll and employee management. Moreover, you can integrate Gusto with accounting and bookkeeping tools such as QuickBooks, Xero, and FreshBooks. Also, the overall pricing of Gusto is affordable for organizations regardless of their size. Furthermore, reporting and insights further make Gusto a perfect choice for your business. However, Gusto is mainly for the US audience as it has tax forms related to US taxation.

List of categories

Employee Recognition
Employee Scheduling
Employee Onboarding
Expense Management
HR Analytics
Time-sheet entry
HR Department
Workforce Management
Quality control
Quality management

ZenPayroll Vs. Alternatives

ITQlick rating
License pricing
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$39 per month
Patriot ...
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$10 per month
Square P...
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$35 per month
Clarity ...
ITQlick rating
License pricing
Pricing not available
Sage One...
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$7 per user/month

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