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Last updated: Sep 08, 2018

TeamSupport Review

109 reviews

Starting from $20 Per month/user

TeamSupport is designed to provide an even experience for both users and clients in terms of customer support. It has an extensive amount of tools for the users, like recording, and small social networking feat


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What is TeamSupport? Updated: Sep 08, 2018

TeamSupport is designed to provide an even experience for both users and clients in terms of customer support. It has an extensive amount of tools for the users, like recording, and small social networking features which streamline the whole customer support process.

The company was founded in the year 2008 and has provided help for hundreds of different firms that have had issues with their customer support. It was founded by Robert Johnson who has extensive knowledge about media and dealing with customers in a timely and courteous manner.

TeamSupport Average Rating -

The average rating of TeamSupport is 5 stars. The rating is based on 109 aggregated online reviews.

TeamSupport Typical Customers

This program is aimed at the companies that know their product, but are still eager to please those their clients. It allows for proper ticket managing, and also keeps users on the line for times when more priority tickets arrive. At the same time, it also allows the company to learn the program in very easy steps, which minimizes the need for training. It's fast and effective, making it ideal for quick implementation into your company.

Companies like Capterra and Sales Force AppExchange have both found that the program has addressed most of their needs in regards to customer service.

TeamSupport Features

Every company, whether small or large, needs a dedicated force dealing with their customer service. However, time used on training can be a hassle, so sometimes, using an outside firm can be beneficial to the company in question.

At the same time, the program also allows users to tinker and learn about your product if they are inclined to do so. This way, help is no longer limited to receiving calls, and makes it easier for tech savvy users to figure out their own issues. The whole procedure makes CS a streamlined procedure that is easy to pick up as well.

TeamSupport 5 Pros

  • Depending on your knowledge base regarding your product, interactions and answers can be very detailed.
  • Ticket system is very effective and works to improve the whole process.
  • Program is easy to grasp for both sides of the fence.
  • The use of WaterCooler, along side the program enhance interactions between company branches.
  • Allows users to record issues while happening in real time.

TeamSupport 2 Cons

  • Slightly overshadowed when it comes to third party program integration.
  • Tickets are rearranged according to priority, some customers might not find the wait welcoming.

TeamSupport Alternatives

The main competitors for TeamSupport are and FreshDesk. is a help desk solution from Salesforce which can handle the complete ticket management lifecycle. Support agents can engage customers through a variety of channels and provides multi-lingual support for global support requirements. The product is based on workflow automation so tickets are tracked, escalated and resolved according to pre-defined service rules. also provides a collaboration platform to improve customer engagement, and there are analytic tools to review key support indicators such as resolution time and customer satisfaction through online surveys.

TeamSupport on the other hand is focused on collaborative customer support. Its features include the “WaterCooler” where support agents can share information about support issues for better resolution. There are also issue based support groups and an internal chat facility for direct online conversations between agents. Additionally there is the “Wiki” document storage option for support information which can be shared with the team as a whole.

In comparison the Freshdesk solution has features such as gamfication which is used to make support agents compete for best support provider. This exercise is supported by incentives & social recognition which is also tied to customer service metrics which need to be achieved and even exceeded as per defined service level agreements (SLAs). Additionally the product allows customization and third party software integration as well.

TeamSupport does support these features except for gamification. However it includes another unique feature which is its Customer Distress Index that determines potential problems and proactively flags support to address them early and improve customer service levels.

TeamSupport Pricing Information

There are two very specific packages that TeamSupport provides users. The first being the supprt package, which costs $30 per agent, and is concentrated on the Customer Support side of things. While the Enterprise Package which costs $40, links CS with development and management teams. This allows for a deeper communication for your company.

TeamSupport demo

25 questions to ask the vendor on TeamSupport demo

TeamSupport Categories

Issue Management
Contract Management
Online Ticketing
Knowledge Management
Hotel CRM
Marketing Automation
Brand Management
IT Management
Bug Tracking
Ticket Management
Survey Software


Address: Dallas, TX 75205
Customers: Start up, Small business, Medium business, Large business
Business Area: Administration, Customer service
Platforms: Desktop
Operating Systems: Mac OS, Windows, Linux

TeamSupport Features

Asset Management
Contract Management
Email Integration
Knowledge Base/FAQ
Multi-Site Support
Self Service Portal
Service Level Agreements
Support Ticket Tracking
Customer Self Service Portal
Customer Service
Customer Support Tracking
Knowledge Base
Social Media

TeamSupport Demo:

TeamSupport Video:

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